Jan 092015
Birthday Person

Tomorrow is the day I reveal my 2015 Birthday Person. I have been so busy, I hadn’t thought of who my happy birthday person (HBP) would be this year. Between getting out three books and being Chairman of Twilight, Texas and Texas Independence Day Student History events, I didn’t even know if I would still […]

Dec 122014
Thanks for the Shout Out Lori Wilde

Lori Wilde’s Twilight, Texas, comes to life Happy Ever After Special for USA TODAY 12:18 a.m. EST December 11, 2014 Lori Wilde joins HEA to share her amazing visit to Twilight, Texas, the fictional town in her popular Twilight, Texas series. Her latest release in the series is out now, Christmas at Twilight, and The […]

Nov 232014

Did You Hear Something? It sounds like scratching at the door.  I bet it’s Digby and he’s wanting out into the world to share his crazy antics as self-appointed White House Security. Gee, I love writing for kids! I’ve enjoy the last ten years of being an editor for a magazine, but I’ve missed having […]