Sep 132014
Dressing for a Prayer Garden Book-Signing

When I dress for a school visits, I think, “No Dorky Clothes…but look different from teachers.” Dressing for a the Women’s Clubs, I think, “Nice and classy.” Dressing for a Barnes and Noble type book-signing, I think, “What says…’No, I don’t work here and the bathroom is that-a-way.” Dressing for the Prayer Garden book talk [...]

Sep 122014
Sales are Down When...

It amazes me when I hear shop owners, authors, entrepreneurs in all shapes and sizes say, “Sales are down.” Then I notice they didn’t take advantage of free promotions, stay open when the most people are walking by their shop, join in a group or help pay their fair-share for advertizing or do their part. [...]

Sep 102014
Wanted Texans to Fight for History !

  Join the fight to keep Texas History Alive and Real. Thursday, September 18 8:30 AM American Town Hall The purpose of Sept 18th meeting is to find people that are interested in helping organize the 4th Annual Texas Independence Day Celebration, which will be held February 28-March 1, 2015.  (Texas Independence Day is March [...]

Aug 272014

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