Oct 142015
Research Gold

tMy 7 x great grandmother explains why I’m argumentative. And 7x great grandfather explains my love for adventure . He got into several rebellions too. Lol! Another Peggy trait. 

Oct 012015
Brawner Intermediate Author Visit

Digby and I are really looking forward to my author visit Friday, October 2nd at Brawner Intermediate in Granbury. This is the first time I’m been ask to share with a fourth grade group in  Granbury…my hometown. It will be a good day.

Oct 012015

Max Lucado shared a thought today from his book Glory Days: “What’s the secret to survival in enemy territory? Remember what God has done! Record his accomplishments in your memoirs. Don’t forget a single blessing. Create a trophy room in your heart. Each time you experience a victory, place a memory on the shelf. Before you face a challenge, take a […]

Sep 252015
Teacher Tips - Story Telling

Reading to your non-readers, from their earliest moments, is mandatory to teach reading.  They must hear words and know their meaning before they can learn to read.  This is also true of writing.  The precursor to writing is story telling. A school that nurtures students who excel in writing makes time in (Kindergarten, first, second, […]

Sep 192015
Gluten Free Dreamsicle Pancakes

Dreamsicle — Orange & cream, gluten free pancakes, with over easy egg. Ummm! Doesn’t need syrup, but I poured the sugar free Carey’s on anyway.😘 I used diet orange drink instead of the diet Dr Pepper I usually use and Stevia.  I used equal amounts of Spelt flour and white rice flour. Added diet orange […]

Sep 182015

This dog and cat are a perfect example of how to handle a bully. share it with your kids.  Another way to help open the dialoge of bulling with your kids is  In Spy Cam One Digby, the first Dog, and P.C., the first cat, join forces in spite of their differences to defeat the bad guys who are hurting […]

Aug 272015
God's Equipment

Max Lucado, reminds us today in his book, The Applause of Heaven  “Was Saul … The king tried to give David some equipment. What do you want, boy? Shield? Sword? Grenades? Rifles? A helicopter?” David had something else in mind. Five smooth stones and an ordinary leather sling. The soldiers gasped. Saul sighed. Goliath jeered. David swung. And God made His […]

Aug 192015
Learning Spanish at the Hanoi Hilton

  I was so honored to interview Jerry Curtis and hear his story of faith lived out in his life. “Learning Spanish at the Hanoi Hilton” is in the spring issue of Bell County Living Magazine By Peggy Purser Freeman Jerry Curtis has touched many lives in his two careers.  His journey is a miracle […]

Jul 162015

I learn so much from Max Lucado’s inspirations. They are short, to the point and often fun (if you can learn to laugh at yourself.)  In his book Facing Your Giants, he says, “ for those who know the sound of a Goliath, David gives us this reminder: Focus on giants—you stumble. Focus on God—your giants tumble.” What is […]