Nov 132014
Mom on My Mind

November 13, 2014 – Today, memories of my mom drip, drip, drip into my mind, drawing me into a battle of trying to stay focused on finishing a book.  But the memories turn into tears and I can’t seem to stop thinking of her–missing her.  That usually happens in March near her birthday.   Why today? […]

Nov 012014
How Can Writing Keep Me Health?

Writing your stories can give you a focus for healing. Are you kidding me? Writing your stories can give bring healing. If my getting or staying healthy depends on my ability to write…I’m a dead woman. It doesn’t matter if the healing is needed for the body, the mind or the soul. Often an illness […]

Oct 152014
Not about you.

It’s not about you!  The power of prayer is not about what you are praying or what you say. It’s about the One you are praying to..His power, His action. Who is guilty?  Those who love to pray out loud and those who won’t, it’s not about you.  So why are we unwilling to pray […]