Aug 272015
God's Equipment

Max Lucado, reminds us today in his book, The Applause of Heaven  “Was Saul … The king tried to give David some equipment. What do you want, boy? Shield? Sword? Grenades? Rifles? A helicopter?” David had something else in mind. Five smooth stones and an ordinary leather sling. The soldiers gasped. Saul sighed. Goliath jeered. David swung. And God made His […]

Aug 192015
Learning Spanish at the Hanoi Hilton

  I was so honored to interview Jerry Curtis and hear his story of faith lived out in his life. “Learning Spanish at the Hanoi Hilton” is in the spring issue of Bell County Living Magazine By Peggy Purser Freeman Jerry Curtis has touched many lives in his two careers.  His journey is a miracle […]

Jul 162015

I learn so much from Max Lucado’s inspirations. They are short, to the point and often fun (if you can learn to laugh at yourself.)  In his book Facing Your Giants, he says, “ for those who know the sound of a Goliath, David gives us this reminder: Focus on giants—you stumble. Focus on God—your giants tumble.” What is […]

Jul 152015
Dip Street Fest

I will be in Amarillo on Friday afternoon for Kenneth Wyatt’s birthday party and then Tulia for Dip Street Fest–Cruisin’ Time Friday night. In the AM on Saturday Picnic with parade. On Saturday afternoon from 2 to 4, I will be signing my inspirational slice of life book, Cruisin’ Thru Life ~ Dip Street and […]

Jul 032015
Weed or Flower

God warns us to “keep a sharp eye out for the weeds of bitter discontent!” (Heb. 12:14-17). Rag Weed is truly a weed of discontent. But sometimes it is difficult to tell if something is a weed or a wildflower. In those times, I pray to see the Rag Weed and pluck it out of […]

Jul 012015
Your History-Your Future

“Your history doesn’t have to be your future… You don’t have to give your kids what your ancestors gave you. Talk to God about the scandals and scoundrels. Invite Him to relive the betrayal with you. The process may take a long time. It may take a lifetime. Difficult for certain. But let God do […]

Jun 092015

Fun and Free Meet George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and more. Blast the British and capture their flag. June 15-June 19 9:30 to 12:00amElizabeth Crockett Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Partnership with the Hood County Boys and Girls Club. It’s FREE! 1. Learn about the Founding Fathers 2. Learn about the USA […]