Apr 012014
Why Nails and a Cross

Max Lacado email devotional today says, “God’s love came not wrapped in paper, but in passion.  Not covered with ribbons, but sprinkled with blood. The gifts of the Cross!” From He Chose the Nails I have thought of this for so many years. Why nails and a cross?  There are several thoughts that have helped me [...]

Mar 202014
Old Mean Girls

 ”Stretch yourself out in the hammock of grace. You can rest now!” You know they never change.  They grow from young mean girls to old mean girls.  Having to deal with them brings you to the point of grace once more.  Their meanness causes you to simmer in anger for days.  You want to fight [...]

Mar 142014
DAR~ Not Just Tea and Cookies

I am not a tea and cookie person.  If I join something it has to be a strong belief. When I wrote about the DAR in Granbury, I knew this was a group I could join. Two wonderful ladies helped me find my Revolutionary War ancestors.  The following info from their site is the reason [...]

Feb 122014

If my sisters weren’t all in heaven, we would go to the Twiligh,Texas event together this Saturday. Naomi Ruth would love the wine and “Hunks.” Ouida would love the romance and being together. Ladell, invented shopping and beauty. We would laugh and talk, enjoy the sunshine, do the scavenger hunt, drink wine, eat chocolate, flirt [...]

Feb 092014

Bring your best friends or your sweetheart and search out the people and places of Twilight, Texas book series by NY Times bestselling author, Lori Wilde.  Discover the legends, find the Teal Peacock, the Playhouse Theater, The Funny Farm  and more.  Get freebooks, purchase the ebook written especially for the event and win prizes.  Basically [...]

Feb 092014
Romance, Twilight and Granbury

Romance, Twilight and Granbury By Peggy Freeman Twilight, Texas is a quaint tourist town on the banks of the Brazos River that feeds into Lake Twilight… Twilightites loved their celebrations. They never passed up an excuse for a festival or carnival or party. Part of it was due to the nature of the town’s commerce, [...]