Jan 102017

Don’t you miss the old hymns? Worse than missing them, is the new ones have become microwaved. A minute to write, post on a screen and then, proof! Gone, never to be sung again. I love today’s praise and worship songs, but no one will remember the words in 20 years.

When we are bent by grief, the old hymns flow through us and infuse us with a strength born only from the Holy Spirit. When we fall on our knees in sorrow, the sweet refrains comfort us and in joy we dance to their melodies.

🎧”Oh, how I love Jesus,
🎤”Tis so sweet…”
“Take time to be…”
“I come to the Garden alone while the…”
“Do, Lord, oh do, Lord. Oh do remember me..
“Amazing Grace…”

The words and melodies mark my life in memories.

“Just as I am…” the moment my eyes opened and love came down and wrapped around my heart.

“I’ll fly away…” as I held my 94 year-old mom’s hands and she did fly away.

“To God be the glory, great things He has done…” when an event failed.

“Precious memories…” all.

Thank you for remembering with me.

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