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“As a children’s book author, I tell students how much fun writing is. After 26 years of working in public schools, I know those same students will go back to class and the joy of writing will soon disappear into the reality of testing. I want to change that. Teaching writing classes at The University of Texas at Arlington CED, Tarleton’s Langdon Center and many schools in Texas, has convinced me that fun and writing can happen in the same classroom.”

“Story Teller is the way I describe what I do. Once the word AUTHOR caused people to say “Oh! You’re an author?”  Now it’s, “OMG! Not another author. Everyone seems to be writing a book.  When TCU Press first published The Coldest Day in Texas everyone was shocked, especially my high school English teacher.  “Peggy Freeman wrote a book?  And someone bought it?” Over the years people told me how much they loved the book and the stories and the magazine. I realized, it’s about the story. 

We all have a story to tell.  Our one-time, greatly-loved, Pastor, Casey Perry,  always said, “When you know someone’s story, you really know them.” And if you know their story it changes everything.  You can’t dislike them, hate them or shut them out…because you’ve heard, felt and saw the events that shaped their heart.  You hope and long for their future as God does.


Peggy’s Bio

Author – The Coldest Day in Texas, (TLaura_Bush_presenting_award3CU Press) one of three finalists for The Texas League of Writers Teddy Book Award, presented by First Lady Laura Bush. Peggy has three books scheduled to be released in 2014. Swept Back to a Texas Future – a historical play for children, depicting an overview Texas history. (Hendrick-Long)

Editor – Peggy served for the past 10 years as Editor for Granbury/Glen Rose Showcase Magazine.

Freelance Writer – Peggy writes for major magazines across Texas. She has written columns for newspapers and written and presented for Radio Disney publicaffairs shows 620AM.

Blog and Social Media – Peggy has built up a blogging readership and Twitter list with six different sites. Using the team concept, her social media strategy informs and excites the base. Plus it reaches out and pulls the public into the website.

Speaker – Peggy’s speaks on: her own work, the writing process, Texas history, responsible behavior, values and finding your own family history.

Teacher – Peggy has taught writing classes at University of Texas at Arlington and Texas A&M Tarleton’s Langdon Center in Granbury.

Student Writing Workshops – Students of all ages love writing when they participate in Peggy’s workshops. Centered on games and fun activities even writing becomes an enjoyable adventure.


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Peggy Purser Freeman
Phone: 214-675 5752

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