Jul 082014

A few days ago, I talked about the birth pains that rack your body while delivering a book.  After birth: You cradle the newborn book in your arms and beam with pride.  Then while checking all the digits, you see a flaw. A FLAW?…. In my baby?  The after birth pains begin with a drizzle and then flood in on you. You’re sure you have made a fatal mistake by ever writing and are ready to run hide, when the hint of fair winds begin to blow into your life, via email, post and tweets.  AHHHH! A big guy from high school days sends a message. A big sister of a best friend sends praises and the big man on campus with the fastest cars and who won all the big games sends a text.  They “love it”….”made me cry”…”ya done good, kid.”

Probably the one that has help me the most is from one of my proof-reading and favorite, unpublished-writer friends, Barbara D’Amariofront5:   “I read several of your Cruisin’ Thru Life stories and had to tell you how much I enjoyed them. I, too, lived however briefly, in a small Texas town with a Main street that bore witness to my triumphs and missteps. Your writing is so comfortable … that’s the first word that came to my mind. What a wonderful talent to have. I have lived the life (from time to time) you write about so eloquently. I got so caught in story that I never gave a thought to problems.”

Ahhh! See my baby!

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