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Peggy Purser Freeman, former editor for Granbury Showcase Magazine, writes for magazines across Texas. She is author of The Coldest Day in Texas, Swept Back to a Texas Future and numerous articles including: Chicken Soup for the Bride, Chicken Soup Teens Talk to Middle Graders, Chicken Soup for the Soul Happily Ever After, Chicken Soup Devotionals. In the past she has written and hosted Kid Talk, a DCTV production and presented for Radio Disney public affairs shows 620 AM.

More information about Peggy Freeman:

Author – The Coldest Day in Texas, (TCU Press) one of three finalists for The Texas League of Writers Teddy Book Award, presented by First Lady Laura Bush. Peggy has three books scheduled to be released in 2014. Swept Back to a Texas Future – a historical play for children, depicting an overview of Texas history. (Hendrick-Long)

Editor – Peggy served for the past ten years as editor for Granbury/Glen Rose Showcase Magazine.

Freelance Writer – Peggy writes for major magazines across Texas. She has written columns for newspapers and written and presented for Radio Disney public affairs shows 620AM.

Speaker – Peggy’s speaks on: her own work, the writing process, Texas history, responsible behavior, values and finding your own family history.

Teacher – Peggy has taught writing classes at the University of Texas at Arlington continuing education and Texas A&M Tarleton’s Langdon Center in Granbury.

Student Writing Workshops – Students of all ages love writing when they participate in Peggy’s workshops. Centered on games and fun activities even writing becomes an enjoyable adventure.
Blog and Social Media – Peggy has built up a blogging readership and Twitter list with six different sites. Using the team concept, her social media strategy informs and excites the base. Plus it reaches out and pulls the public into the website.

Nov 212017

You have got to love it!!!

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Nov 152017

Here are two free games from Teach Writing Without a Pencil. Click on the pdf file for the game you want to print.  Please do not print for your friends, however, share this site for them to download their own free copy. You can also print a copy for you principal of the Tell It X2 gamecard. I believe there are some principles of education that are too important to not share. Play these games every day or at least once or twice a week at first. Try the game Tell it X2 before you ask the students to write. Let me know what you discover.

Tell ItX2 card

The precursor to writing isn’t reading—it’s storytelling. This doesn’t mean you need to hire professional storytellers to come to your class. That’s fun, but it doesn’t transfer to the writing process. We all know reading aloud to teach reading is mandatory. However, few teachers use these steps in the writing process. Successful education fills in the gap.




Verb Ball card 

Purpose of the Game: Use the best verb anyone can imagine. The judge of the best verb is the teacher.

The goal: All students learn to use active verbs.

Assign both games for the family to play over the holidays.



Nov 132017

Yes, I am back in the saddle again. Hat,  boots and fully load with answers on being an Author. Yes, Im exhsusted just from getting the boots on.  But I get to hang with darling, Trail Blazers. There might be a few young authors.

Nov 082017

Get a special price from November 8- 17 for a Kindle version.  Keep your curriculum. Add Fun! $ .99 today and $ 1.99 later in the week. Teach Writing Without a Pencil is a collection of games and activities to help students improve their writing skills. Strong verbs, authentic voice, cohesive flow, and the joy of writing–all taught in games and activities. This book doesn’t replace your writing program. It provides tools at your fingertips to enhance that program. Developed by children’s author, Peggy Purser Freeman, Teach Writing Without a Pencil offers fun-filled games and activities to teach writing. Use time every day at home, commuting to school, waiting in line, waiting for the bus, or during other teachable moments, this concept can grow your students into excellent writers. Repeating the games and activities in this book will launch your students into the world of writing and improve test scores. Writing fun for you and your students.

Nov 042017

There’s not many times that I’ve been more proud. Imagine being me–the youngest of eight, daughter of a share-cropper, dyslexic me–telling kids about how to be an author/editor. Then 5 kids run up after the talk with huge smiles saying, “I’m dyslexic!” An echo of “me too” bouncing around between them.   Talking to the amazing students at Acton Elementary yesterday made my week.  

Oct 252017

Standing in “high cotton,” under the big Texas sky –a beautiful soul– this sweet lady is just one of so many who grew my faith. If you see anything good in me it’s because people like Mona and Nelson modeled Jesus to me and hundreds more teenagers. We grew up in high cotton.

“Standing in high cotton” means your crop will be excellent, you’ve got it made. Growing up in Tulia, Texas, was growing up in high cotton. In my book Cruisin’ Through Life- Dip Street and Other Miracles, you’ll see how blessed I am by people like Mona .


Oct 212017

The story of Katharina and Martin Luther engages the reader because most of the plot is true. There’s much to learn as well as enjoy about this book. The life of nuns tortured and dying during this time reveled a darkness I didn’t know much about. I rated the book PG 16 with a strong warning of references to rape, brutal torture and a dark time for the Catholic Church. I still recommend it as must read. It’s passion for husband and wife is well written without being understated or enhanced. Seeing Katharina’s world and recalling the dear cost to those who brought the reformation of Christianity is priceless.

Oct 152017

I have mentioned MaryLu Tyndall on my blog before. This month while I was unable to write,(doctor’s orders) I actually read with my eyes this MaryLu Tyndall book, only because it isn’t out on audio. Having listened to each of her other books, I longed to know the beginning of the story of these wonderful Christian Pirates.

It amazes me that MaryLu Tyndall can create a character that most of the world cannot imagine, a Christian Pirate, from another location and hundreds of years before my time and give him/ her the same problems I face each day. Faith laced into each story and God’s answered poured out in realistic ways makes reading for entertainment, a faith builder. Thank you, MaryLu!

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Oct 052017

One of my kids from back in the day. Stephanie Goolsbay Hays helping others! This is a great event and helps so many.   Go to the end. GRACE Gala

Grace Gala co-chair Stephanie Hays visits NBC 5 in studio to preview this year’s event, which helps Grace provide food, clothes and shelter to needy families.

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Oct 042017

Well, I just had a life-kick-in-the -pants. A month and a half ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Everyone in my family who had cancer died of it or died of the cure. I immediately thought of all the things I wanted to do, finish, write, publish.

Usually the kick brings me clarity. That may come after pain and sickness leaves. So now I have two less boobs and no cancer. With that I have peace of knowing I will never die of breast cancer. PTL! And two perky boobs coming soon.

Through it all, the stories and projects that call my name, the characters that pleaded for me to finish them and last, but really most important, the themes that come from my heart, are on my to-do-list.

Now I’m focused on producing work that comes from that list. Things written for what might sell have fallen from my list. Works of my heart remain with a passion to finish quickly.

The motivation for money has in the past pushed me to do far more than I had ever dreamed I could.

Inspiration can come in the down time. Research, organizing and building networks can happen in this time.

Life KICKS! It’s a fact, but just as it does, God can help you turn the kick for your good.