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Peggy Purser Freeman - Author/Freelance Writer/Freelance Peggy Purser Freeman, former editor for Granbury Showcase Magazine, writes for magazines across Texas. She is author of The Coldest Day in Texas, Swept Back to a Texas Future and numerous articles including: Chicken Soup for the Bride, Chicken Soup Teens Talk to Middle Graders, Chicken Soup for the Soul Happily Ever After, Chicken Soup Devotionals. In the past she has written and hosted Kid Talk, a DCTV production and presented for Radio Disney public affairs shows 620 AM. More information about Peggy Freeman: Author – The Coldest Day in Texas, (TCU Press) one of three finalists for The Texas League of Writers Teddy Book Award, presented by First Lady Laura Bush. Peggy has three books scheduled to be released in 2014. Swept Back to a Texas Future – a historical play for children, depicting an overview of Texas history. (Hendrick-Long) Editor – Peggy served for the past ten years as editor for Granbury/Glen Rose Showcase Magazine. Freelance Writer – Peggy writes for major magazines across Texas. She has written columns for newspapers and written and presented for Radio Disney public affairs shows 620AM. Speaker – Peggy’s speaks on: her own work, the writing process, Texas history, responsible behavior, values and finding your own family history. Teacher – Peggy has taught writing classes at the University of Texas at Arlington continuing education and Texas A&M Tarleton’s Langdon Center in Granbury. Student Writing Workshops – Students of all ages love writing when they participate in Peggy’s workshops. Centered on games and fun activities even writing becomes an enjoyable adventure.   Blog and Social Media – Peggy has built up a blogging readership and Twitter list with six different sites. Using the team concept, her social media strategy informs and excites the base. Plus it reaches out and pulls the public into the website.

Jul 162018

Family is one of the most important tools God has given us.  I am so blessed with talented nephews and nieces.

Jun 242018





Award-Winning Constitution Camp 4 Kids
Fun, Family and Free
June 25-29, 2018 Near downtown Granbury
Notice the change of the times: 8:45-noon.

Compared to other nations, the United States is young. But at 230 years, our Constitution is by far the longest lasting constitution in human history. More importantly, it is responsible for our nation becoming the freest and most prosperous nation in human history.

Elizabeth Crockett DAR invites you to learn more about your freedom. Study the Constitution.

Jun 162018

Bell County Living article on page 10


Amarillo Living article on 

Recently, I’ve had the joy of writing about 4-H Clubs, how the new 4-H has embraced the generations, opened up new opportunities and provide leaders for our future. The great new is two new cover stories for me and the hope that more families discover the opportunity for families to bond, work, play and develop new interest. Imagine you 9 year old learning how to judge a good steak or cook a meal and tell you the nutritional value it gives.  Think how you would feel if your teenager said her best memories was clean out the barn while sing and dance around with her family. Needless to say the Amarillo Cover really thrilled me.  This is one of our cousins on the cover and we were able to tell their story in this issue.  Wonderful kids, parents and grandparents, working to strengthen  the family bonds.


May 282018

Words have meanings and the meaning can change from time and place according to our circumstance. Pastor Mark Forest encourages his congregation to study the Bible from the perspective of the audience to whom it was written.

Take the unicorn:

If you get an old 1828 Noah Webster’s Dictionary, which is the very first edition dictionary that Webster came out with about 200 years ago, and look up the word “unicorn” it says:

Unicorn – An animal with one horn; the monoceros. this name is often applied to the rhinoceros. Unicorn and bicornis varieties. Read the verses again with the raw, powerful image of the rhino in mind. The director of Fossil Rim in Glen Rose once told me that he saw a white rhino toss a female rhino. They can be over 5,000 pounds. This is not the image of the sweet beautiful horse painted in pink.

“God brought them out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of an unicorn.”

Numbers 23:22 KJV

“God brings them out of Egypt; He has strength like a wild ox.”

Numbers 23:22 NKJV

“Will the unicorn be willing to serve thee, or abide by thy crib?”

Job 39:9 KJV

““Will the wild ox be willing to serve you? Will he bed by your manger? Can you bind the wild ox in the furrow with ropes? Or will he plow the valleys behind you?”

Job 39:9-10 NKJV

May 192018

CC4K Fun, Family and Free! Registration limited.

June 25-29, 2018.
Notice the change of the times:8:45-noon.
Registration for Constitution Camp 4 Kids is limited so don’t wait.
Register your kids just out of 1st through 6th grades for our June 25-29, 2018.
Notice the change of the times:8:45-noon.
You will meet “interesting” historic characters.


May 182018

Today a friend’s book is being released. Not only has he had a year of editing and proofreading, he spent 44 years living the stories in this book. We often think doctors have it made. You rush to the ER and someone fixes your problem. Your cut is on its way to mending. Your life is saved and you wake up later in a comfortable bed. Faces might linger in your memory but rarely does anyone remember the doctor in the ER. What did it take to get from Wink, Texas, to the room where he saved a life? Hearing the stories changes the way you see the ER doctor.


44 Years in the ER

Looking back, my ER journey—filled with anxious nights, successful nights, and hellish nights of regrets— evolved with the history of the ER.


Now Available on Amazon. Click cover!


May 162018
I received this email today an just can’t stop smiling.
Peggy, I have to tell you about my 13-year-old dyslexic student.  He has progressed enough that he can read Spy Cam One.  The other day when he was reading it he said, “I hope I enjoy the next book you pick for me to read as much as I do this one.”  Then yesterday, he said, “I might like to have my own copy of this book!”  I know he would love to have an autographed copy.  Is there one available, and if so, where can I buy it?
I hope you are doing well.  I think of you often.
Big hugs,
Ruth Ann
May 042018

Believe me–all writers pray. “Oh, God! Help! 😳Where did that file go?” Or “Please, God. What happened? All lost?😫 Sometimes we pray. “Please make that editor buy my book! ” And sometimes we ask God to damm our computers.  We send prayers for people searching for books on Amazon.

Today was a perfect example. I worked all day on the final copy of a book I’ve been editing. Suddenly, everything changed. My 6×9 format for the boo reverted back to a 8.5×11 size. I could not get it to undo. “Oh, God!!” I had a backup but not for the last 3 weeks of changes. “Please! Please!” I saved as and quickly used a different name. Then with extreme praying I opened my file for 15 minutes prior to the disaster! “Thank You, God!  Thank you!”

They say, “There are no atheists in a foxhole.” I add “or in front of a computer.”

more miracles are in this book, like the one of my daughter Stephanie !

May 022018

I love Rachel Hauck’s writing. Can’t wait for her new book!

“A few years ago I had the idea of a young, contemporary couple meeting by “accident” only to learn that their great-grandparents were in love but time, life, family, war, or society made their love impossible. I suppose there are a hundred ways to tell such a story but when it came time to write The Love Letter, I was slightly infatuated with the Poldark series on PBS. Set in 18th century Cornwall, the story and the characters were so dynamic I had to write my own version of PoldarkBut could I write a split time with a 240-year difference? I mean, they didn’t have electricity or cell phones in 1780! They didn’t even have a postal system. Letters were carried by traveling friends or family. What possible conflicts could my historical characters face? What event could be so dark and tragic to keep them apart? The Revolutionary War created a perfect backdrop for my young lovers. I set the story in upcountry South Carolina not realizing the battle I chose for the backdrop, the Battle of Cowpens, was the inspiration for the movie The Patriot. (A fav movie of mine!) For the contemporary story, I started with shoes. I mean, doesn’t everything start with shoes“Nice outfit but what shoes are you wearing?” 


May 022018

My Constitution Team (amazing teachers and Teen Helpers won this award for me and our DAR chapter. I’m so proud because now more people will hear of this great program and maybe more towns will want to have their own camp.  The added benefit is I had the privilege to meet great kids, and every year, I learn so much more about the miracle we call the US Constitution.