Feb 082014

9780062311511The dreaded VDay is approaching. You know the day everyone has a romantic evening and you are alone.  Either there is no sig other or there’s one that has no interest in romance.  Once again the only Valentine you see is the one in the mirror.

GOOD NEW!  Give yourself a valentine.

Bring your friends to the Courthouse Gazebo on Saturday 15th at 10 am.  There you will watch Lori Wilde’s Twilight, Texas take shape in the form of Granbury.  Hunks, Chocolate, scavenger hunt and more.  Everything is free. Free paperback books.  Lori will be giving away the books all day long.  If you find one of the heroes in the scavenger hunt, they will sign your books too. The hunk review is free for the first 40 to sign in.

Enter the Contest to name a bottle of Twilight Wine by going to www.TwilightTexas.com and if your title is chosen, you will win a bottle for yourself.  Electronic book signing is at 3. Profits go to Ruth’s Place.

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