Jun 292014

Boil hot water, tear up the white sheets and call the doctor!  The Baby is being birthed.  Cruisin’ Thru Life ~ Dip Street and Other Miracles is on its way. This is what it feels like to be in publishing.  Crazy, deadlines, determined that you are right, terrified you are wrong and praying God can fix it all.  Since my last book , social media has changed the process, increased the excitement and expanded the list of potential readers.  I set up an event page on Facebook for the launch and tweeted #Tulia and tweeted #DipStreet.BookCoverPreview.do

I love the cover…Photo credit goes to Johnny Young, forward by Lanna Payne Barnett and comments by Sheran Morris Childress, all fellow travelers. Memories are included compliments of  my  family, friends and community.

These slice of life stories hopefully will make you smile, build your faith and stir up your own memories.  Life Lessons are included at no extra charge.

Below are the table of contents. Let me know which one made you laugh, which made you cry and the one that touched your heart the most.

And check out the t-shirts… We are having a contest for the very best Dig Street slogans.  Leave you suggestions here or email me




Introduction…Dip Street

Dragging Dip in the Backseat

Being the Baby

Eagles Pipping
The Tallest Girl
Big Family Football Game
Christmas Doll
The Scariest Moments
Little Boys and Growing Girls
The Luckiest Girl on Dip Street and Her Dad
Liar, Liar

Looking Your Best

Diving into Reality
Hiding in the Back Seat

Driving Down Dip Street – The Teen Years

How to be Popular…or Not
Where’s the Drag?
Walking the Halls of High School
Cross at Ceta Canyon – Real Love
“Other” Side of Town
Cruisin’ USA
A Man Named Papa
Eagle and the Crow
Graduation Gifts

Driving Down Dip With You Kids

Wedding Laughter
Parenting – Hell or Heaven?
Giving Yourself a Birthday Party
Love Lifted Me
Life Celebrated
White Sands
The Coldest Day In Texas
A Prayer Meeting
A Leap of Faith
GI Joe
Being a Parent
Planting Seeds
Texas Independence: Because of Travis, Crockett and Howell
History and the Great Indian Scare
Home Sweet Home
Valentine’s Day
The Stamp Store Thanksgiving
The Phone Call
Singing Harmony
Scratches on the Pew

Senior Citizens Dragging Dip Street

A Death Threat
The Miracle of the Sequoia
Hand in Hand
The Kidney Stone
The Tale of the Two Tails
A Sojourn
The Arms of God
Don’t Stop…Keep Going!
Broken Bones and Buttonholes
Dip Street –Always in the Rear-View Mirror
The Rose Garden
It All Fits Together
The Last Word
About the Author
Other Books

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