Feb 222021

Dear Tweens, today there’s a new book to read and it’s mine. The ebook is available at a special launch price of $2.99. Join me and have fun as I launch and promote books that build spiritual muscles.

This week is My Sister the Cheerleader launch. The paperback will soon be live on Amazon.

1. Join me and stroll down memory lane, share pictures of your cheerleaders (with or without pom-poms.)

2. With each share, you increase your chances of winning an ebook, paperback (see choices on http://peggypurserfreeman.com/shopping-cart/ ), or a $20 gift card from Amazon.

3.You can help me by sharing this page with your friends and family.

At thirteen, Makay decides she can no longer wait for the angel Gabriel to pop up with a cosmic plan for her life. No way will she hide in her sister’s shadow. Makay takes her battle for individuality to the beach. When trying to impress the in crowd leads to humiliation, Makay rethinks her plan. That plan includes trying out for a competitive cheer team. Will she survive the mean girls’ sabotage and make the cheer team? Will she ever be special like her sister, the cheerleader?

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