Jul 292017

Some learn a craft others are born for it.  My young friend Rachel Mastick was born for the performing arts,  A few years back, my husband and I produced a show in the Granbury Livte theater. God had place several young people in our path and we want to best others with their gift. Each had an amazing gift. Ridge Roberts on the fiddle, Kristyn Harris with a fabulous sing voice and Rachel with that special gift that lights up a stage and draws people to her. 

Ridge dreamed of being a champion in the fiddle. Kristyn just beginning her career at regional venues and very young Rachel a wanna be.

To say we Produced a show, might be a stretch, but I can’t think of another term to use other than, “hey, gang, let’s have a show! Now we are not rich with money! However we are rich with friends. Sean Mitchell partnered with us and people shared information about the “show.” We raised the money for Ridge to compete and win his first  National Championship. We all got to see Kristyn before she became Western Singer of the Year ( add about ten or more titles).

This week Rachel stared in her first show in a professional/amateur production. We are so proud of her. Not because she’s a star…we all are. We’re proud because God gave her a light and she lets it shine. She keeps her heart ready to love others by staying close to God’s teaching.  God has also blessed Rachel with the gift of family. Wonderful parents and a big sister who has the gifts of service, encouragement and humility. Regan is a light off the stage, born to love others.

I stand in awe that God allowed us to be in the lives of these young people. It is a pure joy to watch them shine. We love this family.



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  1. Jeff Mastick and Michele Mastick

  2. We are blessed to know you and Dickey and call you our friends. I’m so glad God brought ours paths together. Thank you for all you’ve done for Rachel…giving her the opportunity through the Granbury Live show and through Texas history to grow her gifts. We love you both!

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