Jan 042019

I love school visits. Since so many schools cannot afford author visits and as an author, I have to take off from writing, change out of my PJs and travel to a school. I still do that because I love kids. But due to the great work of the Nepris team, I can stay in my PJs (from the waist down) and my fuzzy slippers. I take 30 to 45 minutes and speak to classrooms across the country. One day, I play “Verb Ball” (a game from my book, Teach Writing Without a Pencil) with 5 classrooms at once. I’ve played “Similes Around the World” game with students in Chicago and Washington State. I’ve sung “Deep in the Heart of Texas” with Kindergarteners in Texas.

Monday I’ll be speaking to 20 librarians/media techs in California–a children author’s dream. It is also an honor since Nepris asked me to do this session.

Sep 062018
Five Steps for Writing an Excellent College Entrance Essay Or  An Effective Letter to Your Parents Asking for More Money

Tell ItX2 card I understand if you are reading this, you want colleges to beg you to come to their school. These steps can help you stand out from the competition. Imagine a group of professors, staff members or student assistants sitting in a dimly lit room with stacks of entrance essays looming above them. They [read more…]

Nov 152017
Free Games

Here are two free games from Teach Writing Without a Pencil. Click on the pdf file for the game you want to print.  Please do not print for your friends, however, share this site for them to download their own free copy. You can also print a copy for you principal of the Tell It [read more…]