Jun 162018

Bell County Living article on page 10


Amarillo Living article on 

Recently, I’ve had the joy of writing about 4-H Clubs, how the new 4-H has embraced the generations, opened up new opportunities and provide leaders for our future. The great new is two new cover stories for me and the hope that more families discover the opportunity for families to bond, work, play and develop new interest. Imagine you 9 year old learning how to judge a good steak or cook a meal and tell you the nutritional value it gives.  Think how you would feel if your teenager said her best memories was clean out the barn while sing and dance around with her family. Needless to say the Amarillo Cover really thrilled me.  This is one of our cousins on the cover and we were able to tell their story in this issue.  Wonderful kids, parents and grandparents, working to strengthen  the family bonds.


Jul 142016
Book Signing Tomorrow in Tulia

I will be signing Spy Cam One in Tulia tomorrow around 5:30 ish .  The new sign for author visits may be used as a shade tree. LOL 111 degrees there.  I will also have copies of Crusin’ Through Life~Dip Street and Other Miracles. Tulia’s most famous twins will  be singing and David Nall will [read more…]

Jul 142016
Proud to Be Story of the Day

Scanning  my email this morning, I was about to delete those newsletters and daily items I don’t read while rushing to a full day. Then  the title “What’s So Funny” took me by surprise. I realized that was my title, our wedding story and it was highlighted as the story of the day to their [read more…]

Jan 192016
Great to be Interviewed by Laura Smith

Interview about Peggy Purser Freeman Click here to read the entire interview. My favorite question: What’s the best compliment that you’ve ever received about your writing? Please click on the link an read the interview as a personal favor to me.