Apr 062020

While reading Lisa Wingate‘s Book of Lost Friends, I thought of the teacher that changed my life. The one that said you can instead of you can’t. Enter Lisa’s contest today. If you have taught or if there was a special teacher you will love this book. Actually, anyone will love this book.
I was the tallest girl in the third grade. That’s what I was and worst than that, I wouldn’t be going to fourth grade, because I couldn’t read.
“Peggy, either do better in reading, or I will have to keep you in third grade,” the teacher told me and handed me a book, Tip and Mitten. January frost on the north window looked like a spring day compared to her face.
I opened the book and studied all the squiggly lines on the pages. Reading was too hard. Besides I could make up better stories in my imagination than a dumb dog hiding in the leaves. “Where’s Tip? Where’s Tip? Here, Tip.”
But I did want to go to fourth grade. I could just see me eight feet tall and still in third grade. So I read. “Here…is…T…ip.”
I read to everyone who would listen, even Sally the cow. I worked and I worked. Then one day it happened. I loved reading. I read every Nancy Drew book in the library. I still couldn’t spell and usually made an “F” on my writing papers. I didn’t care about grammar. I thought since I couldn’t spell it didn’t matter. I wrote really messy, hoping the teacher wouldn’t know if it was an “E” or an “I.” It didn’t work. The teacher thought I was dumb and messy.
Then in high school, I had a wonderful teacher who gave two grades, one for the story I wrote, how it made her feel and how my words fit together. I made my first “A.” Of course, there was an “F” below it, but I made my first A on a writing paper. That “A” made me think I had something good inside me, something I could share with others.
Quite a few years later the computer came along, and now I’m an author and a magazine editor. I love writing for children. I never dreamed I’d be able to write, but my teacher thought I could. My mom thought I could. My sister thought I could. Guess what, I have a great imagination. I discovered that spelling and grammar can be learned. A great imagination is a real gift, but determination and working to achieve your dreams is the fact that changes dreams into reality. It only took one teacher to give me the vision.

Mar 292020
Help with Teaching from Home

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Jan 282020
Color of Destiny is Black

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Jan 022020
Goals for a Procrastinating Writer

If my manuscripts were books, my book tunnel would be an opening to a mile of bookshelves. When I had cancer a few years ago, I realized if I don’t get my greatly loved stories finished, edited and published, they will never be a book. My children will trash them the day after my death. [read more…]