Apr 272019

Beck Holiday lost her father on 9/11 and then lost her memories of him. She’s a tough New York City cop with a secret when she inherited a house and secrets that change her life forever. The past memories haven’t been forgotten by Bruno, a “you had me at Hello” sports agent.

Woven into Beck and Bruno’s story is Everleigh Applegate’s story after a tornado ripped through Waco, Texas decades before. This is where Rachel Hauck’s gift shines. The way stories from the past touch the present and how God works in all.

I found Rachel Hauck’s The Memory House and listened to it in a day and a half. In the first three chapters, I thought…Rachel has gone secular. Then I couldn’t put it down. I realized she has helped so many young women find real love. If you like reading stories that blow you away, stories of people trapped in the worst sin… the sin of not forgiving yourself, holding on to your self-judgment. if you want to remember that God is a good, good Father-read the Memory House. Loved, loved, loved this book. Even better than the Wedding Chapel. This takes Rachel Hauck from a very good author to an amazing mainstream author. Yes, it has romance elements but this book touches the soul. Tell me what you think. I listened and got an entire flowerbed built because I could not stop listening to it. I want my girls to read this book even my grandgirls.

Apr 252019

I found Deeanne Gist’s book about two weeks ago, and now I’ve listened to almost all of the audio’s I could find. Love her work. Unlike most historical romance authors, who write of the rich and famous, Deeanne Gist weaves together the story of the average woman and the average man. Perhaps this is the [read more…]

Jan 092019
Nepris with 20 Librarians? Of Course!

Ice hangs from the trees under a gray winter sky. A pain in my left side forces me back under the covers. I snuggle deep, knowing I should be scheduling author visits and book signings. I glance at my phone and see an email from Nepris. Then I remember–Nepris doesn’t care if I’m in my [read more…]

Jan 062019
Favorite Author List

Karen Witemeyer has earned a place on my favorite author list. To Win Her Heart is a story of healing for Christians living in real-world experiences. Eden and Levi show us a story of redemption and heartfelt prayers. Levi could have let his hurt become hate. Most of us would if we had his scars.  [read more…]

Jan 042019
Nepris Likes My PJs

I love school visits. Since so many schools cannot afford author visits and as an author, I have to take off from writing, change out of my PJs and travel to a school. I still do that because I love kids. But due to the great work of the Nepris team, I can stay in [read more…]