Dec 162017

Today, I sat with a Gold Star mom at her son’s gravesite. With wreaths from Wreaths Across America in hand, I followed her down the path she could probably find in the dark. I didn’t want her to go alone and thought I would bless her by sitting at her side and saying a prayer. As you probably have guessed, I was the one blessed.  With an amazing strength and smile, she told me many of his childhood stories.

I can’t imagine a heart more open and loving than this mom–well maybe the heart of her son. In their last conversations, he told her how much he loved his country.

This young man was defending me. And how many more around the world this Christmas? Young men and women defending this country. Putting their life on the line.

Kids taught to love all life, protect every creature. Kids who never saw even a chicken killed and cooked for dinner. Kids protected and then thrown into a world where video-game-horror is real. Kids killing to protect the soldiers beside them, knowing one hesitation means death to their buddy.

What an honor for me to sit on his bright-yellow bench. I will never pass the corner of the cemetery in Acton without thinking of this son, this mom. The thing is there are 445 sons of American freedom and 445 moms represented in this cemetery. Each story similar in someway. Young people sent to defend and serve me, my freedom the constitution of my country.

Dec 292015
New Year's Goals NOT Resolution

A resolution can fail and usually does.  Goals are steps toward winning the game.  Or in my case, writing the words of my heart. It may be baby steps, however it will get you there eventually.  Make 2016 the year you reach at least one of your goals.  This is the perfect time to focus, perfect your [read more…]

May 272015
Constitution Camp for Kids

 June 15-June 19 9:30 to 12:00amElizabeth Crockett Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Partnership with the Hood County Boys and Girls Club. It’s FREE! 1. Learn about the Founding Fathers 2. Learn about the USA Constitution 3. Have Fun with New Friends 4. FreeJune 15-19 from 9:30 to 12:00 am Call 214-675-5752 [read more…]

Sep 102014
Wanted Texans to Fight for History !

  Join the fight to keep Texas History Alive and Real. Thursday, September 18 8:30 AM American Town Hall The purpose of Sept 18th meeting is to find people that are interested in helping organize the 4th Annual Texas Independence Day Celebration, which will be held February 28-March 1, 2015.  (Texas Independence Day is March [read more…]