Jan 032018

I recommend everyone write their Chicken Soup for the Soul stories. If you are a teacher, I especially encourage you to read and write Chicken Soup stories.  If you are a student, or a mom of a student, a writer, a business person, a preacher or Sunday School teacher.   Especially if you are a grandmother.  Your stories need to be told.  Even if you don’t sell your stories, if you don’t record them in some way they will be lost forever.  Plus Chicken Soup stories are STAR tests. Personal narratives are often used for testing the student’s writing skills.  They are a chapter in a novel.  This month there are three books to submit to:

The Empowered Woman
Today’s woman. Empowered, self-confident and feisty but at the same time, nurturing, loving and caring. Women are showing the world every day that they are capable and confident. Whether you are single or married, working or retired, widowed or divorced, working or stay-at-home, you are in charge of your life. Your story will help women of all ages feel stronger, more capable, and more confident… more empowered.
Deadline: January 10, 2018

The Miracle of Love ***This title was formerly posted as “Love Stories”***
Tell us how you found love, especially if you have a story that will make our readers say “wow..” New love, old love—please warm our hearts with your stories and poems. Please note this book is for adults, not for teenagers. We’re happy to hear about your high school sweetheart if you ended up together, but we are not looking for stories from current teens about teen relationships. Deadline: January 15, 2018

Christmas and Holiday Stories
The holidays have just ended, so write your stories while they’re still fresh in your minds. We want to hear about your holiday memories and rituals, from Thanksgiving through New Years. Share the funny things too: the ugly sweater, the gingerbread house that kept falling down, and the fruitcake disaster. Keep your stories “Santa safe” so we don’t spoil the magic for our young readers. Deadline: January 30, 2018



Jan 022018
Love Tech Teaching

January winds howl and icy temperatures hold me, hostage. However, thanks to Nepris, I can soar on the web to ANTONIA CRATER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL in NEWBERG, OREGON and share great ways to teach students to edit their writing and create stories that will make their grandma bake her best cookies and grandpa to swell with pride. How [read more…]

Dec 242017
2017 Best Education Tip

One of my favorite education discoveries this year is Nepris – great place for a free author visit. A note from the Nepris team. “Hi Peggy! I just wanted to thank you again for leading an Industry Chat last month. You connected with 3 classrooms located in Texas, Louisiana, and Ohio, and I heard it [read more…]

Dec 022017
Fun with Texas Songs

Fun with Sommer Elementary 2nd Grade and their teacher Sue Beardsley. The best part is when the 2nd-graders sing. I talked about “The Yellow Rose of Texas” and “Deep in the Heart of Texas” and of course–my books and writing games.  Nepris did an amazing job of filtering my wrinkles and cutting mistakes. Texas Songs [read more…]

Nov 152017
Free Games

Here are two free games from Teach Writing Without a Pencil. Click on the pdf file for the game you want to print.  Please do not print for your friends, however, share this site for them to download their own free copy. You can also print a copy for you principal of the Tell It [read more…]

Nov 082017
Teach Writing On Sale $.99 Today

Get a special price from November 8- 17 for a Kindle version.  Keep your curriculum. Add Fun! $ .99 today and $ 1.99 later in the week. Teach Writing Without a Pencil is a collection of games and activities to help students improve their writing skills. Strong verbs, authentic voice, cohesive flow, and the joy of [read more…]

Sep 052017
Ultimate Optimism

“I’m still hoping that yesterday will get better.” ~ Linus Be proactive – Start playing Teach Writing Without a Pencil~Writing Games and Activities today so yesterday’s test will be better.

Sep 022017
Book Title Crazy

Book Title Game: Ruin a book title with one letter or sound like “sn” for “st” and silent letters don’t count. Example: Lard of the Rings. This book game idea comes from Carey Dyer.  Carey is one of my favorite entertainers/worship leaders/authors. (Crazy title, I know! He is crazy, transparent and truly sincere. For him, [read more…]