Jun 292014

Cruisin’ Thru Life ~ Dip Street and Other Miracles … Launch Day

front5 Introduction…Draggin’ Dip Street
Memories of my hometown and Dip Street are to
me summer rain to the dry thirsty soil.
Like most miracles, “the drag” is a time machine that
transports us back to a season of firsts—first drive, first kiss,
first break-up, first traffic-ticket and more. Our memories
wrap around the familiar drag like the cars once did, cruising
around with oldies but goodies blaring from the radio and
laughter cajoling us to happier days.
Dip Street in my hometown warms me with those
memories of growing up in the best of times. Within each
twist and turn (and dip), we learned, loved and discovered
who we were. The drag stands today as an icon of an era
when we believed in miracles.
For those “Baby Boomers” blessed enough to be a
teenager back in the day when gas sold for thirty-cents a
gallon, the local drag represents the world’s greatest ride. In that time “the car” supposedly defined who you were.
But the miracles of those good years included more than cheap-gas. We believed in racial equality, tearing down an
iron curtain and walking on the moon. The miracles came true, one dream at a time. Miracles to me aren’t big,
unbelievable events that rarely happen. Miracles are small events that happen everyday. If you aren’t careful you will
miss them.
This book isn’t just about cruising the main drag. It’s about life and learning to take the dips, the curves and the
pot holes. The slice-of-life stories included in this book were written over the years. Some I wrote backs5for Swisher County News. Others were previously published in Chicken Soup for the Soul. The rest seem to pour out of my heart with the need to share. Maybe these stories will cause the winds of yesterday to blow across your mind



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