Cruisin’ Thru Life~ Dip Street and Other Miracles



 Cruisin’ Thru Life ~ Dip Street and Other Miracles

inspires traditional values and takes the reader back to faith and family. From the happy days of the50s and 60s to today, these stories will cause the winds of yesterday to blow across your mind and strengthen your faith.

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  1. I would like to order two (2) copies of “Cruisin’ Thru Life –Dip Street and Other Miracles. Not sure how to go about it so I would appreciate you letting me know the best way to handle it. I was born and raised in Tulia until 1955 at which time I left for school at Texas Tech. My parents were owners of the Dr. Pepper franchise for many years and my dad “Tootie” also operated a TV sales and service. I was among the fortunate few who got to watch the ‘snow’ on TV prior to any programming by the stations. That way I was able to make up my own stories and watch them play out on the snow screen.

    Anyhow, I am now also a resident of Pecan Plantation in Granbury. I live on Ravenswood Rd. I really enjoyed your book and want to give my two sons a copy. I think they would get a good idea of how wonderful a life we were able to live back then and the power that God has been and will be in their lives. Thank you for your response. E.C.

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