Feb 042014

A friend asked me why Lori Wild’s Twilight, Texas books look like this kitting b3050e96bdd653e4ebe1966cb4b08af3

and her Cupid, Texas books look like this?

Good Question?

I think it could be because you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.  The hunks in the Twilight, Texas series are so real.  And Twilight, Texas is a real place.  Sure the sign may say Granbury, but you can bet the boots this  cowboy has on (Does he have on boots?  Does he have feet?  Who would notice?) that he’s not really even a cowboy.  There’s no Cupid, Texas but there’s a Twilight.  Come see us.

Come to Twilight, Texas Feb 15th and 16 and ask author Lori Wilde about what’s up with the cover?

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