Sep 132014

connie and peggy booksigning posterWhen I dress for a school visits, I think, “No Dorky Clothes…but look different from teachers.”

Dressing for a the Women’s Clubs, I think, “Nice and classy.”

Dressing for a Barnes and Noble type book-signing, I think, “What says…’No, I don’t work here and the bathroom is that-a-way.”

Dressing for the Prayer Garden book talk and signing, “I don’t think.  I pray because you can’t fake out God.  He knows your heart.”  And I totally relax after that.  He will have the people there that need to hear what I have to say and those who will say what I need to hear.  He’s the best book agent ever…no matter what genre.

Trusting Him changes everything.  “Morning by morning, He robes me in his love and with peace and joy I’m filled.”

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