Mar 272014

Mac bunny1 mac buggy  mac 2Watching a child find an Easter egg brings a smile to even a curled up teenage lip.  My girls loved hunting eggs but they also loved coloring them.

So how do you “find” something you just colored and left on the table to dry and how does it become fun and new.  “That silly old bunny came and hid our eggs,” I often said.  I also added chocolate and sugar.  Those two items can make anything fun and new.

My grandson never really liked sugar when he was a baby and still doesn’t that much.  But on his first Easter, chocolate popped his eyes open and put a smile on his face.mac 5

When my daughters grew bored with Easter, the fun and spiritual seeds of faith really began to grow.  “That silly old bunny hid new shoes, clothes, eggs containing folding money.”  But this egg hunt required reading the bible for clues.  The lip uncurled and smile formed.  Verses that spoke of treasure beyond this world led to the worldly treasures a teenager often liked. Later as they became young adults, the Easter surprises became items needed, appreciated and loved.

Today I found an Easter Egg.  Browsing my  email I found the usual Kindle ad.  80% off… for a book lover is like chocolate Easter eggs.  I flipped through the titles and tossed a few 1.99 books in my basket. Then one title popped my eyes open…the prize egg.  A Devotional Bible by Max Lacado.  Have you seen it?  I didn’t even put it in the basket–one clicked it.   I opened and began devouring the wisdom.  Taste and see the Lord is good.

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