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Hope Anne and Aunt Peggy
Being an Author

As the eighth child of a sharecropper, I know it’s truly a miracle that I’m here in the first place, that I could possibly be an author, and that you have chosen to read my work. For me the craft of writing is difficult, but I love stories and the sharing of stories.
I was born in Dallas, Texas, and have lived in most of the small towns that had worked for a large family, including Wills Point, Robertson, Idalou, Caprock, Ralls, Lorenzo, and some I may not remember. Tulia will always be home. Since Dickey and I have been married, 50 years now, we have lived in Dallas, Grand Prairie, Arlington, Alvarado, and Cedar Hill. Now, we live south of Granbury, where the Brazos River hugs the land.
We have been blessed with many, many excellent friends. Although all of my brothers, sisters, mom, and dad have crossed over, I am so blessed to have approximately 75 nieces, nephews and greats, and great-greats. My grandchildren and my daughters are amazing people. Dickey is such a good man and our dog is the best ever.

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