May 262014


KeifferBell County Living Cover - Spring 2014 Marshall was playing football for the University of Texas when bombs blasted  the USA .  He left college, home and sweetheart to make sure it never happened again. 

Out of his company of 250 Marines, Marshall was one of three to survive the battle.

On his last day on Iwo Jima Marshall passed a graveyard, blanketed with fresh graves. As he walked among those who had fallen beside him, he saw a rock chiseled with the words, “When you go home, tell them for us and say, ‘For your tomorrow we gave our today.'”

 I am so honored to have written this article, to have met these heroes: Mr. Marshall, Mr. Cook and Ms. Menyhert. You can Read their story in Bell County Living.

Bell County Spring 2014.

Click on the Cover to read the story.

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