Jul 112016

“Spy Cam One Kindle Version Free for Five Days, ” Digby barks as he sniffs through the house.  He smells Spinach and suspects there might be Veggie Terrorist nearby. Beginning July 16, 2016, to support our official National Spinach Day, Digby wants to give away some Kindle versions of Spy Cam One.  To make sure you know that Digby has Whitehouse security under his paw, he suggested this Kindle version of Spy Cam One give-away last until July 20th. Which happens to be the official National Ugly Truck Day.  As a former farm dog, Digby loves Ugly Trucks, especially the tires.

Click on the book to get your free Kindle copy downloaded to your phone, computer or Kindle.

Free from July 16- July 20, 2016

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  1. Tracy Musgrove, you might want to keep this in mind if any of yours are readers. I had the opportunity to read the book in advance and it’s a really fun book.

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