Jan 022018

Montana Promise: McCutcheon Family Series, Book 10 Caroline Fyffe writes excellent plots with well-developed characters. When Luke McCutcheon lands in jail as the prime suspect of a horrific murder, and Francis, his loyal ranch hand strives to save him, Francis has to cope with local school teacher Ashley Adair’s strong will. I really enjoyed the romance between these two. For those who love the Western Romance with real characters in a sweet romance that promises passion. Fyffe’s books are perfect.

Because I don’t have time to eyes-on-books-read, I lean on audiobooks to keep me sane, I especially like the male voice as narrator. However, I prefer it when the narrator stays in voice for the characters’ point of view. Male narrators like Corey Snow do female voices much better than female narrators do male voices.


“Fyffe Writes Real Characters”
I enjoyed Caroline Fyffe’s Kathryn and Tobit. With a plot of memory lost, and love found, Fyffe creates another mail order bride in a series that lets you continue to love the characters you’ve loved and added two more. Fyffe’s pg13 book has a clear satisfying ending and does’ t try to trick you into the next book, but invites you in a unique way as Kathryn share a few words. My only problem with this book is the narrator. Lara Asmundson has a nice reading voice but low skills as a narrator. Her male voices are weak to non-existing. However, I like this series.

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