Apr 252019

I found Deeanne Gist’s book about two weeks ago, and now I’ve listened to almost all of the audio’s I could find. Love her work.

Unlike most historical romance authors, who write of the rich and famous, Deeanne Gist weaves together the story of the average woman and the average man. Perhaps this is the Gist genius. In the stories of the average man/woman, we see God’s plan more clearly and can rejoice in the faith of those most like us. 

Gist also writes with passion–a passion worthy of the romantic love God created for His creation. She writes the stories of that love far better than most. In Maid to Match, Tillie strives to reach her dream job as Edith Vanderbilt’s lady’s maid. Dazzled by the riches of the Vanderbilts and even more by good-looking and good-hearted Mackenzie (Mack), she must decide if the dream is God’s plan or her mom’s dream.

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  1. This sounds like a fascinating story! Are we not all curious about the lives of these truly rich people, their elaborate homes and fashions! I have toured three of the Vanderbilt families past masions. .It is not hard to dream of marrying a rich and handsome man, having setvants to do your bidding and going to dinners and balls at the home of other rich aristocrats! Having great wealth does not assure love and peace! Most of us live an average life. It is comforting to know real love can come to us .it is much more important to be in Gid’s will than to have great fame or riches!

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