Jan 152021

Ridge Roberts

At 17 the amazing Ridge Roberts releases his first album to an audience that stretches’ across the US. Having won almost every fiddle title possible, this expectational musician and extraordinary young man launches into the recording industry with the same focus as he did into playing the fiddle as an eight-year-old. We’ve known Ridge as that boy taking fiddle fans in Texas and the rest of the country hostage with his great smile and honest, good-natured kindness. Watching him grow in stature and character has been a blessing.
Now Ridge has fiddled his way into the recording industry with his first CD. It’s available now at ridgeroberts.com/music.

Lone Star Fiddler

Recorded in February 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee, Lone Star Fiddler is Ridge Roberts’ long-anticipated debut fiddle album. It pays homage to his deep Texas roots, the style of fiddling for which he is known, and gives a big tip of the hat to the musical pioneers and legends of the past. If you’re a fan of Texas fiddle music, you’ll love this album—and if this is your first time hearing it, sit back and enjoy this toe-tapping collection of Texas fiddle classics! Featuring championship fiddler Ridge Roberts, legendary rhythm guitar slinger Joey McKenzie, and world-class upright bassist Dennis Crouch, Lone Star Fiddler showcases authentic Texas-style fiddling at its finest!

Grey Eagle    Paddy on the Turnpike    Crafton Blues  
Kelly Waltz    Billy in the Lowground    Sally Johnson   
River Road Two-Step   Gardenia Waltz    Sunnyside 
Big John McNeil   Garfield’s March    La Zenda Waltz  
Apple Blossom    Brilliancy    Lone Star Rag  
Lily Dale   Sally Goodin

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