Aug 272013

Just like the last day of school, the first day is a bitter-sweet moment.  On the last day of school you have a joy about summer vacation to recharge and rest.  However you know it’s that last moment with these students.  With some students that might present mixed emotions.  The first few weeks of the new year aret stuffed with thoughts of what is required by who.  These demands  swirl in your brain with fresh memories of  summer–leisurely waking and sipping a second cup of coffee.  Your emotions divide and struggle for attention between your own family’s needs and your school family’s needs.  Room preparations, lesson plans and “Other” responsibilities demand every ounce of your management skills.  Then finally the bell rings and “they” come in the door.  Then you remember.  Hopeful faces, eyes full of questions. “Will you be mean to me or sweet? Can you see my hidden pain?  Do you have answers to my questions?  Do you know what I need?  Will you like me? ”

Scan_Pic0002It might take bringing a Rock Star to class!  This is fun and get attention.  However even Ms. Piggy can’t answer that most important question, “Will you love me?”

Pre-order your copy of  the Write Without a Pencil Game Book today and give yourself a couple of extra moments to get it all done.

Write Without a Pencil Game Book– Writing games to play while waiting for:

  • while waiting for the bell
  • while waiting for the announcements
  • while waiting for lunch
  • while waiting for PE
  • while waiting for the librarian
  • while waiting for in line
  • while waiting for first grade
  • while waiting for to learn how to hold a pencil
  • while waiting for the TEST
  • while waiting for for fourth grade
  • while waiting for you to solve the latest parent problem
  • while waiting for …Christmas  vacation


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