Nov 012014


Writing your stories can give you a focus for healing.

Are you kidding me?

Writing your stories can give bring healing.

If my getting or staying healthy depends on my ability to write…I’m a dead woman.

It doesn’t matter if the healing is needed for the body, the mind or the soul. Often an illness can begin in sadness. Intense feelings can cause so many problems. Finding interest outside of yourself can help. Thinking of others proves to be therapeutic in most cases and staying connected with other people helps.

“ and a book of remembrance was written before him of those who feared the LORD and esteemed his name.” ~ Malachi 3:16
You can overcome the exhaustion, loneliness and depression. You may not be able to exercise or get out to be active, but you can put down your remembrances.

But the “people” are no loner here.

Even if the people you love are no longer with you, you can still tell the stories you shared with them.

But I can’t….

No more excuses. You have all the tools you need.: A piece of paper and a pencil, a phone, a computer, a tape recorder. You can share your stories. Remember your mom and dad? Right now, stop and share that memory.

Join a writing group or write with a friend or family member. Don’t stress over planning or learning how, but get it down in some form. God doesn’t need you to write a book…He can and has written His own. You need it and even if you don’t need to record the memories, your family or friends might. It might even be a great, great, great niece, nephew or child who needs to hear that one story that helps them hang on to hope.

With each story, your spirit and body will overcome.

Recently one of my husband’s cousins who has never met me, read my Cruisin’ Thru Life ~ Dip Street and Other Miracles. Her mom was surprised, Her “…response to your new book as very high praise, indeed, Peggy – I’ve not heard or seen such a strong reaction from her about anything else that she’s read and shared with me, not for many years.” My memories and my husbands memories bring healing to someone we never met.

The bible is full of stories retold or written – stories of faith, love, fear, anger and joy. People just like you. Healing is in the sharing.

Join me at the Granbury Healthy Woman Expo and Lunch on Nov. 8 at Acton Middle School from 10 am to 2 pm. My friend Connie Lewis Leonard This years guest speaker is Author, Speaker and gifted entertainer, Dena Dyer. It’s a great way to stay on the path to good health. Tell me about your best Christmas ever…

“When I was…”

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