Jan 312014

9780062311511What books have you read that includes a legend? All authors like to think they are writing legendary books.  I am working on a book  that involves a legend.  I     have always enjoyed legends. They intrigued me. feather_quill_md_wht

Nichols Sparks,in The Lucky One, tells of the picture that kept him safe through out his time in war.

Lori Wilde uses legends in many of her books.  Of course the legends set in Twilight, Texas aka Granbury, my hometown, interest me most.

Granbury takes the term legend to a higher level.  John St. Helen, Billy the Kid, Jesse James, to name a few. And …just wait thre will be another one tomorrow.

However in her Twilight, Texas series, Lori Wilde introduces us to the Legend of the First True Love, the Legend of Sweetheart Fountain, the Legend of the Sweetheart Tree and more.  I especially like the Legend of the Magic Christmas Cookie.

I really enjoyed her Wedding Veil  Wishes Series and the magic wedding veil legend.  And the Cupid series…this one is for anyone at anytime in their life. Cupid answers letters from those with romantic troubles.   Even after 49 years of marriage, I can tell you we still need a shot from Cupid’s bow from time to time.

Tell me your favorite legend and join us in Twilight,Texas for a fun-filled weekend. Free books, a scavenger hunt, chocolate,  hunks and more.  If you’re Wilde about Twilight, Texas, you’ll love Granbury.

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