Dec 032016

Just in time to make your teacher ‘Very Happy.”  The perfect gift for the homeschool mom or anyone who wants to help students excel at writing and love it.


Teach Writing Without a Pencil is a collection of games and activities to help students improve their writing skills. Strong verbs, authentic voice, cohesive flow, and the joy of writing–all taught in games and activities. This book doesn’t replace your writing program. It provides tools at your fingertips to enhance that program. Developed by children’s author, Peggy Purser Freeman, Teach Writing Without a Pencil offers fun-filled games and activities to teach writing. Use time every day at home, commuting to school, waiting in line, waiting for the bus, or during other teachable moments, this concept can grow your students into excellent writers. Repeating the games and activities in this book will launch your students into the world of writing and improve test scores. Writing fun for you and your students. “Thanks to the games in this book, our students are excited about expanding their writing abilities. The verb ball game was an exciting activity that allowed every student to participate and my students started thinking outside of the box to come up with the ‘best verb..’ I am already seeing writing improve and they are actually excited about writing.” ~ Melanie Cooper, a 2nd-grade Teacher at T.W. Ogg Elementary, Clute, Texas.

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  1. My friend, Christina Adcock is a home school mom of 5 kids. We have a building, the old historic Agnes School that is the oldest one still standing in Parker Co. We have the Agnes Community Association, Inc., which I am Vice President of, but Christina oversees the building and the repairs underway. She and her husband, Chris have folks come for a musical once a month. Christina holds some classes for home school kids and other kids as well at least once a month. I would love to get a copy of this book for her and make it available for others.

    • That is so sweet of you, Gloria. The fastest way is to order it on Amazon but I will have a few copies this next week. I will be presenting a free teacher/parent #TeachWriting without a pencil mini-workshop at Hood County Library Dec. 20, 2016 from 10-11:30.

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