My Sister the Cheerleader


With Chapter Devotionals

At thirteen, Makay decides she can no longer wait for the angel Gabriel to pop up with a cosmic plan for her life. No way will she hide in her sister’s shadow. Makay takes her battle for individuality to the beach. When trying to impress the in-crowd leads to humiliation, Makay rethinks her plan. That plan includes trying out for a competitive cheer team.

Will she survive the mean girls’ sabotage and make the cheer team? Will she ever be special like her sister, the cheerleader?

From the author:

In this humorous and yet poignant story, Makay’s need for revenge grows stronger than her faith. Makay’s problems may sound familiar. Bullies are everywhere! Chapter devotionals have been added to this book to echo her problems and help the reader find a stronger faith. It’s my prayer that each young reader knows that God’s Spirit cheers for you in each success and each trial. He runs on the field with you in all you do. He whispers guidance and love over you. You are a winner on His team.

Lets join together to defeat the Bully epidemic. In the comments you can share your story or tips on how to dehorn a bully. If you have a prayer request or just want to reach out and tell someone, leave a comment

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