May 032014

Things are dysfunctional inmemorialraising flag Washington because if it is designed to have checks and balances. The President says he can’t get anything done because what he wants to do, half of congress doesn’t want him to do.  They can’t do anything because half the congress doesn’t want what they want to do.   The current debate is a major difference. Capitalism verses socialism. We must debate it and we must look at all the consequences.

We are at a crossroad. We must debate. And if we choose to drift on and destroy forever the freedom won by blood, if we allow the next generations sweat and blood to pay for our cell phones and knee replacements, then the shame is on this generation. If you think you deserve the knee replacement…think of how much money medicare spends.  Our children deserve a place where they are free to make their choices. Every area of debate…Global Climate Change, more taxes, education, fossil fuel verses renewable, single payer health care, it all comes down to a choice. The government decides or the individual decides. Washington is polarized because the nation is polarized.

The conman is at the door with a version of snake-oil cure for all ills. You can buy and pass the consequences on to your children or you can face the consequences now. We will be bankrupt in just a few years. That too is part of the plan. Bring down the dollar. Destroy health care. Then we have a world government, not by the people and not for the people but by those who say there’s no way you are smart enough to decide. We will decide for you. Everyone gets everything equal…except for the friends of the rich elite. Rich being million and billionaires.

The President decided this week that the botched death by injection of an inmate in Oklahoma maybe something the UN needs to investigate.  Not the people of Oklahoma. If you need the poor needs cell phone then the church should be buying them for the poor.  Not the government.

Really the choice is simple.  Capitalism verses socialism.  And local/state government verses federal government.

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