Jul 292017
Born for This

Some learn a craft others are born for it.  My young friend Rachel Mastick was born for the performing arts,  A few years back, my husband and I produced a show in the Granbury Livte theater. God had place several young people in our path and we want to best others with their gift. Each [read more…]

May 142017

Thinking of home, Tulia, Texas, when Prom was in the gym and the junior class did the decorations and dressed in ridiculous costumes to serve dinner. Remembering my beautiful sister, Ouida (red dress)and the fun. We dressed in the hoop formal and “flip” hair- styles. We ended the big night dragging Dip Street and maybe a [read more…]

Jan 252017
4 Classrooms On Deck for My Nepris

I’m excited that 4 classrooms have already registered for my next Nepris interactive event to Teach Writing Without a Pencil. I love to write for kids but even better– is teaching kids to love to write.