Oct 022017

Forsaken Dreams by MaryLu Tyndall gives the reader Real Romance, Great Plots, and  the Best Love.

The Hatred between the North and the South builds into a wonderful novel, as Eliza and Blake find love and then loose love. Set on the open seas, the broken bitter southerners battle the forces of Light and dark, only one has been married to the enemy.

Mary Lu Tyndall is a master story teller. I believe this is one of her first novels and yet her use of action, imagery, pacing and deep point of view are some of the best I’ve read. Her plots twist and turn in delightful torture.

What truly won my heart about this book is the sequence at the end, you know how “will you marry me”comes on the last page–except Tyndall’s last obstacle to overcome is the best, even better that, I love you. Eliza finds obedience to the One who knows her best and Blake finds how to love through the power of God’s redemption and forgiveness.

The best part is MaryLu Tyndall writes it in such realistic ways that the struggles in the character’s faith looks like our struggles and the wisdom shared in the small amounts of scripture stay in the readers heart.

I just wish these older books were in audible versions.


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