Oct 142015

My 7 x great grandmother explains why I’m argumentative. And 7x great grandfather explains my love for adventure . He got into several rebellions too. Lol! Another Peggy trait. image

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  1. I guess posting pictures sideways is another one of your specialties. Hehehehehe.

  2. Peggy, you need to read “Western North Carolina, A History by John Preston Arthur, 720 pages of the awesome world of North Carolina from sometime after 1800 to about 1917!

  3. Available for pennys on Amazon kindle

  4. What do you understand, Lloyd. Me or my inability to turn my photos using my iPhone while navigating3,000 miles, hold the dog and Dickey’s DP. …all while plotting a book and 2 articles. Oh yeah…add booking a room.

  5. Peggy Purser Freeman now that I know about your 7XGrandparents, I understand why you always like to argue with me and your love for adventure. I still love you and think you are wonderful. What I don’t understand is how you do all that other stuff at the same time. Sounds like you and Dickey are having fun and i love it.

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