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Romance, Twilight and Granbury

By Peggy Freeman

Twilight, Texas is a quaint tourist town on the banks of the Brazos River that feeds into Lake Twilight… Twilightites loved their celebrations. They never passed up an excuse for a festival or carnival or party. Part of it was due to the nature of the town’s commerce, which was, first and foremost, tourism… But an element that couldn’t be ignored was the community’s genetic propensity for romance… The combination of the pristine blue lake and the intriguing history… lend a magical air to this quirky but close-knit community filled with warmth and small-town camaraderie… But an element that couldn’t be ignored was the community’s genetic propensity for romance… For all the fun and frivolity, make no mistake, while the events and legends and traditions are great fun, the heart and soul of this town lie in the generous people who live there…” from Lori Wilde’s novel The Christmas Cookie Chronicles.

Lori 2WildSo begins New York bestselling author Lori Wilde’s latest book set in her Twilight Texas romance-novel series. It doesn’t take much imagination to recognize our community in the opening author’s notes or as the intricate plots twist and turn through the sights and sounds of Twilight, Texas. When you know the author lives just outside of Granbury, spent years on the Brazos, the pictures she paints with words take shape before your eyes and you know you are in Granbury.

On February 15-16, 2014, you can experience the fiction and enjoy the fantasy of Twilight, meet Sadie Cool, Flynn McGregor or the latest heroin, Grace, in the real-world Granbury. Or you may want to meet Jesse Calloway or Mark Leland where the fog of the river slips into Twilight. Even if you don’t enjoy great books, you have a fantastic time in Granbury’s Twilight, Texas Valentine’s Affair. Meet Lori and have your ebook copy of The Valentines’ Day Disaster.

Books in the Twilight, Texas series follow the life and loves of well-developed characters and strong creative plots. Lori Wilde’s years as a nurse and her understanding of forensic science gives her work an edgy quality much like Richard Sparks. However, her richness of vocabulary and vivid emotions immerses the reader into the heart of the character. Toss pennies in the Sweetheart Fountain and make a wish for happy-ever-after with your one true love. Stroll City Beach in the moonlight and enjoy the Brazos River, the site and history of this quaint town. Write your own legend of love.


Saturday, February 15th

 10:00 a.m.   Declaration and Presentation Ceremony – The mayor will officially declare the city of Granbury as Twilight, Texas at the Hood County Court House Gazebo and welcome author Lori Wilde.

10:30 a.m.    Photo Scavenger Hunt Sign-up & Hunks on the Square – Sign-up for the Photo Scavenger Hunt. This is a two day event.  Sign-up tables will be at Twilight Headquarters, the Convention and Visitors Bureau in city hall on the northwest corner of the Historic Square. You can snap pictures of yourself at each hunt site to prove you’re the fastest fan in Twilight. As part of the scavenger hunt, we will have four Hunks at different stores throughout the day.  Twilight actors will portray heroes from books in the Twilight Texas series, pose for Scavenger Hunt Photos, and hand out prizes around the Twilight town square.  Participating shops will offer prizes and chocolate covered “something.” You vote for the best.

12:00 noon    Lunch in Twilight – Enjoy lunch at any of the wonderful cafes and restaurants in Granbury.

1:00 p.m. – 4:00 pm    Wine, Chocolate and  Electronic Book Signing- Enjoy fine wine and delicious chocolate at D’Vine Wine and let Lori sign your ebook copy of The Valentine’s Day Disaster. Then find more Twilight Hunks, and other items on the Scavenger Hunt list.

6:00 p.m.    Hunks of the Hood Review and a Happy Hour Buffet – Only 50 tickets for this event. They are free but you must get one at Twilight head quarters. Vote for your favorite Twilight, Texas hero look-a-like.  Which Hunk looks most like a character from one of Lori’s books?  Pizza buffet dinner and a glass of Twilight, Texas wine at Pappa’s Pasta(Farina’s) on the northwest corner of the Square. ( cash bar) .

Sunday, February 16th

10:30 a.m. – noon    Sunday Morning Worship – Twilightites love Sunday morning worship. You may want to attend First Presbyterian Church in Granbury .  Everyone is welcome. (You may not won’t to wear your reindeer antlers.)

1:00 p.m. – 3:00 pm    Photo Scavenger Hunt continues… – Discover the last few items in the Photo Scavenger Hunt at Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB), the Twilight Texas headquarters on the northwest corner of the Square.  Enjoy shopping and don’t miss the “Sweater Curse” at the Opera House. Get a heart from the CVB and carve your initials on it, then hang it on the Sweetheart Tree.  (Or you can write them on with a Sharpie.)  Toss a coin in the Sweetheart  Fountain and make a wish for your one true love.

3:00 p.m.    Special Interview and Taping with Lori Wilde – Discover how Granbury became Twilight, Texas. Participate in an interview and video recording session with the author, at the newly renovated1880′s Granbury Opera House.  Lori will reveal the Hunk most likely to succeed in Twilight and winners of the Photo Scavenger Hunt will be presented with awards.

Lori Wilde, Peggy Purser Freeman, and Avon/Harper Collins Publishing will be giving away: Free books, t-shirts and Twilight Texas Pennies randomly all day! 

Special Hotel and Bed & Breakfast packages available with free books and chocolate.



Bring on the moonlight. Fling a few more stars into space. Turn up the radio and believe once again in happy-ever-after. Granbury is getting ready for romance. For more information about Granbury, visit TwilightTexas.com



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