May 152014

I am so excited to be part of  the Sisterhood 2014 for Lisa Wingate’s new book! The Story Keeper.

This is a special group of sisters who will read The Story Keeper early. I’m part of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Book # 8. From July 30 to  August 13.   I will “own” the traveling book for two weeks.  When I find a passage that carries special meaning for me, I will write it in the margin (yes, right there in the book –ealiza wingatech copy to become a record of its Sister-readers).

I’ll take pictures of the special page where I jotted down my thoughts. And share photos of the book wherever I’m reading it, so we can all enjoy traveling with the book.

I even get to share an untold story of an item, a person, a place close to me with an interesting story. Well you know how many stories I have, so that’s easy.

Since I’m last in my Sister Circle, I’ll mail the book back  (tattered and well loved) just in time for The Story Keeper release in September.  Last year, an article about the Sisterhood made Southern Writers Magazine and several online sites.We’re hoping to get even bigger coverage this year!

Let the Sister Circles begin!



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