Jul 142016
Proud to Be Story of the Day

Scanning  my email this morning, I was about to delete those newsletters and daily items I don’t read while rushing to a full day. Then  the title “What’s So Funny” took me by surprise. I realized that was my title, our wedding story and it was highlighted as the story of the day to their [read more…]

Jan 192016
Great to be Interviewed by Laura Smith

Interview about Peggy Purser Freeman Click here to read the entire interview. My favorite question: What’s the best compliment that you’ve ever received about your writing? Please click on the link an read the interview as a personal favor to me.  

Jan 072016
Birthday Party 2016

I hate birthdays with zeroes in them. They sound so real–decadeish.  That’s really a good thing.Right?  Another decade?  I decided a long time a go to never grow up.  So as I get older, I need to take heed to the words in scripture, “You must become as a little child…”  This applies to birthdays [read more…]

Jun 292014
Cruisin' Thru Life ~ Dip Street and Other Miracles ... Launch Day

Cruisin’ Thru Life ~ Dip Street and Other Miracles … Launch Day Introduction…Draggin’ Dip Street Memories of my hometown and Dip Street are to me summer rain to the dry thirsty soil. Like most miracles, “the drag” is a time machine that transports us back to a season of firsts—first drive, first kiss, first break-up, [read more…]