Oct 042017

Well, I just had a life-kick-in-the -pants. A month and a half ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Everyone in my family who had cancer died of it or died of the cure. I immediately thought of all the things I wanted to do, finish, write, publish.

Usually the kick brings me clarity. That may come after pain and sickness leaves. So now I have two less boobs and no cancer. With that I have peace of knowing I will never die of breast cancer. PTL! And two perky boobs coming soon.

Through it all, the stories and projects that call my name, the characters that pleaded for me to finish them and last, but really most important, the themes that come from my heart, are on my to-do-list.

Now I’m focused on producing work that comes from that list. Things written for what might sell have fallen from my list. Works of my heart remain with a passion to finish quickly.

The motivation for money has in the past pushed me to do far more than I had ever dreamed I could.

Inspiration can come in the down time. Research, organizing and building networks can happen in this time.

Life KICKS! It’s a fact, but just as it does, God can help you turn the kick for your good.

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