Sep 232014

Touched by an angelHaving books delivered with stories I wrote in them is always fun. However when the stories are about one of my precious daughters, it’s better than snow on Christmas Day.

I hope you enjoy “Lifted by Love” in Chicken Soup for the Soul’s recent release–Touched by an Angel. This is a true story about how my Stephanie almost died and was lifted up by one of God’s mighty warriors.  If you feel as if you are drowning today, ask God for His angels to come and lift you.

Then read the truth about how special you are and the power and joy waiting for you in God’s instruction book–the Bible

See the angels in your life. Chicken Soup for the Soul shares miraculous stories of faith, answered prayers and divine intervention. Whether you call them angels, guardians, or guides, they touch our lives in powerful ways.

As you turn each page, remember that you are never alone. Remember that you are always Touched by an Angel.

I use Chicken Soup for the Soul books to teach kids and adults how to improve their writing.  If you have a story you think is suitable for Chicken Soup but your not sure, I’ll be happy to look it over and make suggestions.  Just leave a post.

Today, 21 years after it first began sharing happiness, inspiration and wellness through its books, Chicken Soup for the Soul continues to delight readers and fans with new titles, but has also evolved beyond the bookstore, providing wholesome and balanced pet food, a line of delicious, nutritious food that makes it easier to bring people together around the table for healthy meals, movies, television, licensed gifts, and digital offerings, all of which are inspired by stories. Chicken Soup for the Soul is changing the world one story at a time.


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