Dec 272015

WBookCoverImagehat Super Hero does your pet exemplify, represent, symbolize, stand for, be the incarnation of? Digby in my newest children’s book, thinks he’s more than the First Family’s Dog. He is White House Security, the best of the best, and he does a great job for President Jonathan Landry, in spite of P.C. the cat and the White House Staff. He even goes to work on the President’s approval rating by staring in the on-line video, Digby Cam One. Digby’s instant star status is quickly disrupted when he overhears a couple of radical veggie-protecting terrorists who plot to harm the first family. People for the Ethical Treatment of Vegetables (PETV) has a national membership of two, but a master mind criminal has enlisted these two bungling radicals into his cause for cash. Through many false alarms, international crisis and embarrassing situations, Digby fails in his struggle to protect First Kids, Ryan and Gracie. When they are kidnapped, Digby’s paws are tied and he’s muzzled in his attempt to rescue them. Even with the help of his arch enemy, P.C. and his remote camera, Digby races against time. Will he save the first kids and prove he is White House Security or loose everyone he loves.

To Read more about Digby you can order a book or a Kindle.

What does your dog or cat do? Is he super sleuth?  Super Dog?  Iron Man? Pillsbury Dough Bog?

The best Super Hero story posted in the comments below gets a free Kindle book and if you already have one, you get one to give your best friend.  Contest ends January 10th 2016.


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