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Check out the December issue of Granbury Showcase Magazine on-line.  The editor’s page is about my latest gift from God.

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I absolutely love Christmas! This year I’ve felt the stress of over commitment. Does that sound familiar? Usually the land between the rivers, or the “Magic Valley” as I like to call the Glen Rose and Granbury area, settles my spirit. The river, wild life, shops and peacefulness washes away the hustle and bustle, leaving the peace of Christmas to fall like soft, large snowflakes over me. This year with two huge events crowding my “To-Do” list, the peace had not arrived…until I decorated one of the big trees on Granbury’s Historic Square.

The tree took shape in my mind as a promotion for Twilight, Texas. This is an event in 2014 whWP_20131118_008en romance sweeps into Granbury by way of Harper-Collins/Avon Publishing and author Lori Wilde. Much like one of the plots of Twilight, Texas, aka Granbury, the tree took a few twists and turns. I couldn’t find large cherub angels for what was to be the “Cherub Angel Tree.”

While working on the article for the Doll Museum in this issue, I remembered their upstairs room full of unwanted, scared and broken baby dolls. I called Barbara Williams at the museum and she helped me pick a few of those often forgotten dolls with great care and love. As if they were her children, she picked them up and talked about where she got them and the problems they have. One had no legs and its arms and head were on the verge of falling off. Another Barbara rescued from the river, its little head and face still showing signs of black sludge and debris. The thought came to me: this is where God often finds us—broken, covered in the mire of hopelessness. Seven baby dolls came home with me and with the help of a halo of glitter, white silk and a little soap and water—Cherubs came to life.

On decorating Editor1day, I arrived on the Square around 7:30 a.m. when the quiet quaintness of the historic district is at its best. My husband, Dickey, and I waited for the city heroes who bring their cherry-picker to help decorate the trees sponsored by different merchants. These are the best workers—friendly, kind…patient! Our “Cherub Tree” was co-sponsored by the Nutt House Hotel, Lori Wilde, Harper-Collins/Avon and me. After a wait, as the other unique and wonderful trees were coming to life, my neighbor Pat Boicourt came to give a much needed helping hand.

Watching big, strong city workmen hang baby dolls is a unique and awesome experience. They took great care in placing each ball, bow and cherub. As the afternoon cooled, Pat, Dickey and I finished up the lower branches of the tree and then reflected on the handiwork. A little cleansing, a white robe and halo of glory changed the broken, unwanted dolls into beautiful cherubs. And the best looking cherubs were the teditor2wo that had been in the worst shape.

This was a special Christmas message to my heart. Looking at all those I love, and looking in the mirror, I realize that’s what love does for us. God’s light shines in and through us. His holiness becomes our halo. His peace becomes ours. That white robe of righteousness, promised to us because of the Babe born in Bethlehem and the cross He bore, can work a miracle in each of ueditor 5s.

Don’t miss the amazing events planned for December in our communities. And drop by the Square to see the Cherub Tree. Have a blessed Christmas.

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