Jan 162016


I am loving not being an editor!

I’m enjoying writing and publishing books, Kindles, and this year I plan an audible book. It is a great deal of work, more so than writing and submitting to an editor. However I’m able to reuse so many things I’ve done in the past.

An example of repurposing is Cruising Thru Life – Dip Street and Other Miracles. I took the columns and Chicken Soup stories I’ve sold, plus some I didn’t, and recycled them in this collection of slice of life stories. I wish I could tell you that I didn’t make any mistakes, however I made plenty. It took a year to fix it. But this self-published project is the best match for these previously published works and a few strays. Plus these are my life stories, which include my husbands life stories and suddenly, he thinks I’m an excellent writer. LOL!

My children’s book, Spy Cam One, Paperback and Kindle version are both out now. The audible is on line for a narrator. I’m hoping for Zac Wilson, Mr. Entertainment.

Current goals: Art work for 1 children’s picture books and collaborate on another, 2 middle grade readers, a book of games for those who teach children, and continue to write for magazines.

How do you all keep focus on one thing?  Last year I set up book events and published “wine before it’s time” meaning too many mistakes. So I need another method to keep me focused. Don’t put a book on line before its time. Pay for an editor or trade off with someone who has that skill. Get real reviews. Pay for a good proof reader.

This year I’m also taking a course in Kindle publishing which cost too much, but I received good resources which have saved me money/time already.

I’m so glad for goals and fellow writers to keep me accountable. If you aren’t in a group join one.  Www.GranburyWritersBloc.com

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  1. I am writing my first novel and it is scared at my age to finely start doing what I have wanted to do all my life.
    Peggy you have been my inspiration, thank you.

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