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The Coldest Day In Texas

February 12, 1899, the temperature dipped to a record-setting 23 BELOW zero.

Celebrate at the Swisher County Library

Celebrate Your Story on the Coldest Day in Texas

Author Peggy Purser Freeman will read a brief section of her book The Coldest Day in Texas (TCU Press) and share tips on how to pass down your family stories on February 13, 2023, at 4 pm at the Swisher County Library.

Join Peggy in celebrating the Coldest Day in Texas which took place on the twelfth of February 1899 when Swisher County recorded the coldest temperature in Texas history – 23 degrees below zero. After a presentation on how she used the book Windmilling-a History of Swisher County, Peggy will lead a workshop on recording your personal history.

Remember life when you were a kid? What did grandpa do? How far did you walk to school? The stories you recall will someday be the ones your children want to hear. Don’t wait! Save them before they are forgotten. Family History can easily be lost.

“I believe the everyday stories of our lives are a testimony, a treasure for your descendants,” Peggy explained. “Yes, they will love it. Just imagine if you had a letter from your great, great, great grandmother telling you about her joys, sorrows, and faith. Or how she sawed a limb off a tree, sitting on the wrong end, while her sister laughed. Some of us actually did those crazy things and put them in a book named Cruisin’ Thru Life – Dip Street and Other Miracles. From emails to recordings, scribbles on scraps of paper to a published book, we’ll investigate different ways to share your story.”