Peggy Purser Freeman

Award-winning author, novelist, editor, journalist and motivational speaker, Peggy Purser Freeman worked for twelve years as editor of Granbury Showcase Magazine. Currently, she writes magazines across Texas.

Peggy’s stories and inspirational articles have been published in numerous Chicken Soup for the Soul titles, including Happily Ever After – 101 best stories on love and marriage chosen from a wide variety of past Chicken Soup books. Two have been chosen as stories of the day on Chicken Soup national podcast.

Peggy taught writing classes at Continuing Education at UT Arlington and Tarleton’s Langdon Center in Granbury. She has written and presented Kid Talk, a 620 AM Radio Disney’s public affairs radio show and produced a series of Kid Talk shows for DCTV.

As a motivational speaker, Peggy encourages others to write their stories. Peggy shares her personal experience with dyslexia with students across the nation. Her Student Writing Workshops use games and activities to improve student’s test scores.

She also speaks on Texas history, and finding family history. Peggy was commissioned a Yellow Rose of Texas by Governor Greg Abbott for her leadership on the board of directors for the Texas Heroes Foundation and for her leadership in creating and directing Constitution Camp for Kids hosted by Elizabeth Crockett Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Peggy’s books are available on Amazon.com and on her website: www.PeggyPurserFreeman.com.

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More Books By Peggy Purser Freeman

The Coldest Day in Texas (TCU Press), one of three finalists for The Texas League of Writers Teddy Book Award, which was presented by First Lady Laura Bush. Set in 1899 Swisher County when the temperature reached a record setting low of 23 below zero.

Swept Back to a Texas Future – a historical play for children depicting an overview of Texas history. (Hendrick-Long) Music tape is available.

Cruisin’ Through Life: Dip Street and Other Miracles celebrates the ‘50s and ‘60s, inspires family values and transports the reader back to home and heart in a Lewis Grizzard style.

Spy Cam One – The First Dog thinks he’s White House Security. His job to protect the First Family becomes impossible and he has to work with his mortal enemy, the First Cat. Will they find the First Kids in time? (Tan-Mak-Ali Publishing is Available on Amazon.com)

Teach Writing Without a Pencil

“Thanks to the games in this book our students are excited about expanding their writing abilities. The verb ball game was an exciting activity that allowed every student to participate and my students started thinking outside of the box to come up with the “best verb.”

It was also thrilling to watch the students I had last year, now in 3rd grade, as they jumped up and down with their idea of a “best verb.” Last year they showed little interest in expanding their writing ability. I am already seeing writing improve and they are actually excited about writing. ~Melanie Cooper, a Texas teacher.

Students of all ages love writing when they participate in Peggy’s workshops. Centered on games and fun activities, even writing becomes an enjoyable adventure.

For more information visit www.PeggyPurserFreeman.com

or email peggy@peggypurserfreeman.com

My Sister the Cheerleader

At thirteen, Makay decides she can no longer wait for the angel Gabriel to pop up with a cosmic plan for her life. No way will she hide in her sister’s shadow. Makay takes her battle for individuality to the beach. When trying to impress the in-crowd leads to humiliation, Makay rethinks her plan. That plan includes trying out for a competitive cheer team. Will she survive the mean girls’ sabotage and make the cheer team? Will she ever be special like her sister, the cheerleader? From the author: Makay’s problems may sound familiar. Bullies are everywhere! Chapter devotionals have been added to this book to echo Makay’s trials and help the reader find a stronger faith. It’s my prayer that each young reader knows that God’s Spirit cheers for you in each success and each trial. He runs on the field with you in all you do. He whispers guidance and love over you. You are a winner on His team.

Other books by Peggy Purser Freeman Coming in 2023


Jake O’Reilly commands the In-school Suspension Team (ISS) like a hero from a World War II-movie. Jake and his fifth-grade classmates are chronic offenders, breaking or bending most of the school rules on purpose. Staying in ISS has become a fine art, and sinking each substitute teacher that comes their way is a matter of pride.

Jake commands his troops to victory until the day an Irish granny arrives as the permanent substitute. Her mission to divide and conquer leaves Jake with a mutiny on his hands.

Through each battle, Jake discovers that like his own Nana, this sub sees everything and knows everything. His legend demands that he sink this sub and win the war against all bullies. Will Jake’s crew mutiny and end up back in the regular classroom, facing bullies in the halls of humiliation? Will he ever find an adult he can trust? Will he and his friends ever be winners?