Cruisin’ Through Life: Dip Street and Other Miracles celebrates the ‘50s and ‘60s, inspires family values and transports the reader back to home and heart in a Lewis Grizzard style

My Sister the Cheerleader. At thirteen, Makay decides she can no longer wait for the angel Gabriel to pop up with a cosmic plan for her life. No way will she hide in her sister’s shadow.

Spy Cam One – The First Dog thinks he’s White House Security. His job to protect the First Family becomes impossible and he has to work with his mortal enemy, the First Cat. Will they find the First Kids in time?

Coming Soon! “Sinking the Sub” by Peggy Purser Freeman

Jake O’Reilly commands the In-school Suspension Team (ISS) like a hero from a World War II-movie. Jake and his fifth-grade classmates are chronic offenders, breaking or bending most of the school rules on purpose. Staying in ISS has become a fine art, and sinking each substitute teacher that comes their way is a matter of pride.

Jake commands his troops to victory until the day an Irish granny arrives as the permanent substitute. Her mission to divide and conquer leaves Jake with a mutiny on his hands.

Through each battle, Jake discovers that like his own Nana, this sub sees everything and knows everything. His legend demands that he sink this sub and win the war against all bullies. Will Jake’s crew mutiny and end up back in the regular classroom, facing bullies in the halls of humiliation? Will he ever find an adult he can trust? Will he and his friends ever be winners?

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